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Jeff is a fully qualified architect with Bachelor and Master degree in Architecture.Concept communication and exploration of ideas define the core of his work.Restless mind, dynamic, creative, easy to adapt, and commitment to teamwork.He welcomes the challenges to achieve common goals between clients and designers. The expertise of Art directing multicultural team and diverse scale projects have been forged over the many years of work, dedication, and experience.

Jeff has lived abroad for more than a decade and now based in Dubai directing and developing architectural work for global project designs.
Throughout his career, being involved in the huge circle of global architectural visualization community, right exposure to the right team, he is blessed to win competitions, received awards and accolades and elevate him as a leader in the field. More often, his visuals are categorized as exceptionally realistic and detailed that offer the Client a truly inspiring insight into the project instilling confidence and belief. 
A tireless traveler, he likes remote locations: the farther away the better. Addicted to good life. 
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